1. Awarded Third prize in the Best Invention Award category in 1976 by All India Industrial Exhibition for development of Mobile Antenna Cat No.AB719/VRC ANPRC Set to Signal Directorate.

  2. Certificate of merit for import substitution during 1980 received from Electronic Component Industries Association (ELCINA) New Delhi for development High Power HF Broad Band Dipole Model No.H611 for Civil Aviation.

  3. Shield presented in 1984 by the Governor of Andhra Pradesh Sri Ramlal for the development of Whip Antenna (Defence Cat Part No.AB719/VRC) with a highly flexible Biconical Spring base for the Signal Directorate Indian Army.

  4. Awarded first prize by ELCINA in 1984 for indigenous development of HF Log Periodic Dipole Array for the Department of Ocean Development for communication between South Pole and their offices at different locations in India for Dakshin Gangotri Venture of Indian Scientists.

  5. Patents registered in 1987 for Indigenous Development of Pneumatic Telescope Masts upto 30M height for quick raising and lowering of Antennas for Defence Communication in Boarder Areas.

  6. Awarded first prize with citation by ELCINA in 1988 for import substitution for the development of Null free HF Conifan antenna with null free features for HF communication between unmanned Air Force Base Stations in hilly terrains, situated in close proximity to each other.

  7. Received ELIAP award for the year 2007-2008 from Electronic Industries Association of Andhra Pradesh for being the "Second Best Turnover Electronic Company of A.P".

  8. Received ELIAP award for the year 2009-10 for being 1st Best Turnover Electronic Company of Andhra Pradesh.