HR Speaks

Kadevi is a vibrant Company which has grown manifold in the last couple of decades, way ahead of normal growth. It encourages entrepreneurial skills thus, enabling and empowering employees to take appropriate risks, innovate and be focused on customer requirements and also keep pace with the latest technical know-how from time to time.

  1. Success can be achieved only through skill and dedication of people working together collectively to attain a common goal.
  2. Staying competitive along with maintaining continuous quality standards is the key to sustainability, for which we strongly believe in keeping employees motivated and train them periodically with up-to-date with industry trends & new technologies to achieve the focused vision.
  3. If you're ambitious, ingenious, and looking for a challenging career, come and join Kadevi, the leader in towers manufacturing...
We make all attempts to create "An Outstanding Workplace".

HR Management is a focus area and plays a strategic role in business operations. Human Resources are the most valuable asset to the organization and goes all out to facilitate their contribution to the successful achievement of Organizational objectives and realization of their potential.

Kadevi offers its employees freedom at work, unmatched leadership quality & the opportunity to grow at a rapid pace. It provides them challenging, interesting & motivating assignments which brings a sense of professional commitment and thus fulfillment of the set objectives.

The core values of the HR function is based on proper selection & nurturing of the individuals and being alive always to attend to their needs.

Based on a competency matrix, the performance and growth of employees at each level is Monitored and equal opportunities are provided to all for satisfying careers. The Management promotes credibility, respect fairness, pride and camaraderie. Competence and Integrity is valued at extreme levels. A collaborative and congenial work environment prevails across the organization. We have a fair and transparent policies supported by a performance oriented culture. We provide an atmosphere of learning, development, empowerment and accountability.