Electro Mechanical Telescopic Mast

The electromechanical telescopic mast is made of high tensile aluminum alloy sections. The sections are extended or retracted by a screw rod, driven by single phase electric motor. It can also be operated manually. The mast is provided with "Auto Lock and Unlock System&. These masts are offered with extended heights from 3 to 15 Mtrs with self supporting and guy supporting options.


  1. The mast can be remotely operated by an operator sitting in his cabin.
  2. The mast automatically stops at maximum extended height/min retracted height.
  3. Any section can be locked, in extended or retracted position as and when required.
  4. The mast can be manually rotated 360 degrees in "Azimuth".
  5. Both Vehicle as well as ground mounted versions are available.
  6. Smooth and noiseless operation during extension and retraction.
  7. Reliable operation and easy maintenance.
  8. Quick and easy to deploy.
  9. Can withstand wind loads up to 120 kmph.
  10. Can carry head loads up to 100kgs (Depends upon requirements).
  11. Long life span with minimum maintenance.
  12. Provide both self support " guy support.
  13. Extremely reliable in all weather environment conditions.
  14. Extremely safe operation.

The key advantages are:

  1. Convenient ground and vehicle mounting options
  2. Ease of operation
  3. Extremely reliable in all weather conditions as per JSS55555 environment
  4. Manual rotation or stationary – depending on the need
  5. Extremely safe operation
  6. High quality design
  7. Corrosion resistant parts