Kadevi Fasteners Division is equipped with all latest manufacturing facilities from coil drawing stage to hot dip galvanization, assembling and packing stage. The range of fasteners include Hexagonal Bolts, Nuts, Studs, U-Bolts, Step Bolts, Washers (plain & spring) sizes from M8 to M24 and 5/16" BSW to 7/8" BSW.

Kadevi has capacity to manufacture 5,000 tons of fasteners per year and, is equipped with the following machinery:

  1. Four stations of Bold making machinery consisting of header machine, trimming machine and threading machine.
  2. Four station of nut forming machine and 10 Nos. nut tapping machines to manufacture M8 to m24 nuts BSW 5/16" to 7/8" respectively.
  3. Two galvanizing plants
  4. Two sets of automatic bolts, nuts assembly machines.
  5. Coil drawing machines.
  6. Metal pre treatment tanks.
  7. Hot dip galvanizing kettles.
  8. Profile projector for measuring the thread profiles/contours.
  9. Hardness testing machine for checking hardness.
  10. Tools / gauges / lathe etc.
  11. Furnace for heat treatment.


We regularly manufacture bolts and nuts in 5.6 grade. We have capacity to manufacture high tensile bolts and nuts in 8.8 grade also.

We have adopted ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System during manufacture in the stages:
  1. Inward material inspection,
  2. In-process inspection,
  3. Final inspection.

Kadevi fasteners are patronized by telecom industry and power transmission towers for its quality and performance. The fasteners are packed in gunny bags of 50 KG capacity.The fasteners division is managed by experienced managers, foremen and technicians for delivering quality production as per the delivery schedule.

Production Range:

Fasteners Production