Kadevi has crossed one more milestone by designing & manufacturing the 40metres Telescopic Tower Ground Rapid Deployment Unit.

The Tower is designed for survival wind speed of 160 kmph and operational wind speed of 130 kmph and the maximum deflection angle shall be +/- 0.5° at the operational wind speed.

GRDU is a guy supported telescopic tower mounted on skid or platform. It can be erected in few minutes to the desired height.

The tower is equipped with motorized geared winch for tilting & erection. The winch is controlled by means of limit switches at the top and bottom to ensure maximum & minimum heights.

The total tower is mounted on the Skid/ Platform with Leveling Jacks for leveling the system and guide Arms to ensure stability of tower and also acts as anchor for guy ropes.

Applications: Ground Rapid Deployment Units find its applications in

  1. Heavy call trafficking
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Natural disasters
  4. Emergencies etc.