Hot Dip Galvanising

Hot Dip Galvanising is the process of applying of Zinc coating to steel structures for protection against corrosion. During the galvanising process a series of alloy layers are formed due to a metallurgical reaction that takes place between steel and zinc.

The zinc coating protects the base metal by acting as an impervious shield between the metal and atmosphere and provides additional protection even when moderately sized areas of base metal surface are exposed.

Hot Dip Galvanizing provides:

  1. Excellent corrosion protection to steel.
  2. Two levels of protection.
  3. Long Life
  4. Freedom from rust
  5. Low maintenance
  6. Kadevi follows the following method to impart the protection to thebase material against corrosion.


First step is the preparation of the material to be galvanized. In the galvanizing process materials are subject to very high temperatures. To avoid any potentially explosive situation it is therefore necessary that the materials to be galvanized are fabricated such that there are no blindcorners, sealed tubes or any other such area. Standards:

IS : 2629, 2745 2745, 4759-79, 209-99, 6158-71
BS EN ISO 1461
ASTM 123
BS 729

Results :

Appearance of finished Galvanised coating may vary depending upon the chemical composition of the parent material.

Final product appearance can range from bright shiny to dull gay. The dullgray colour is due to the high silica content in the steel.

The protection offered by the galvanized coating is however notdependent on the colour and its effectiveness remains the same irrespective of colour.

Our galvanised coating safeguards the material against corrosion in an exposed environment for more than 25 years under Indian conditions. The period of protection is much longer in a less harsh and internal environment and can extend beyond 60-70 years.

Process Chart

Testing Facilities

Facilities for carrying out Chemical, Physical Testing & Galvanising Testing are available in our laboratory.

Tests are carried out in accordance with IS 2062-99, 2633-1986 & 6745-72

  1. Spectometer
  2. Ultimate Tensile Machine
  3. Hardness Tester
  4. Elcometer Test
  5. Pierce Test
  6. Strip Test
  7. Knife Edge Test
  8. Pivot Hammer Test

Prior to Despatch, final pre-despatch testing of all products is ensured for 100% fitment, strength and durability of zinc coating.