Microwave Towers

We have a strong design team supported by structural consultants to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We have a computerized design facility with special structural software packages where in the performance of the towers under critical situation can be analyzed and verified for its adequacy with the help of this customized package. Tower deflection wind velocity stresses developed in the member can be evaluated, checked and corrective measures are taken. These measures provide lot of confidence to our customers in regard to the reliability of our product. We have designed, manufactured and erected several towers for Prasar Bharati, All India Radio , L & T & National Remote Sensing Centre.

  1. Four legged Angular Bolted Self Supporting Ground Based Towers
    (From 30mtrs to 150mtrs)
  2. Four legged Angular Bolted Self Supporting Rooftop Based Towers
    (From 9mtrs to 30mtrs)
  3. Four legged Angular Bolted Self Supporting Ground Based Towers with staircase & lift
    ( From 30mtrs to 100mtrs)

We have experienced foundation and installation teams to undertake the tower erections at different locations based on the designs approved by the customers. We are in a position to deploy various teams to different locations simultaneously.

We have executed several turnkey projects to defence, government departments, public sector undertakings, cellular & CDMA operators and multinational companies throughout the country.

We have executed prestigious 100mtrs height tower foundation, supply and installations on hilltop at Barmer for Doordarshan and also another 100mtrs tower at Kupwara, near Srinagar. 100mtrs towers for All India Radio at Srinagar and Calicut were also supplied and erected including foundation. 48mtrs bore sight tower with staircase & Lift for National Remote Sensing Centre at Shadnagar, Hyderabad

All the towers supplied by us have good quality raw materials as per Indian Standards and fabrication and galvanizing carried out in-house under consistent quality control practices.