Push Fit Mast

The push fit mast is built up of heat-treated aluminum alloy tubular sections. Effective alignment and precise matching is ensured on the pipe sections. The bottom pipe section is fitted with the base, which is seated in the tilting base cup. The top pipe of the mast has a flange for fixing antenna assembly. The total assembled mast has to be lifted from horizontal position to vertical position with the help of Jib pole and mechanical Winch.

The mast after rising to the vertical position is anchored to the ground through guy ropes and stake guys to ensure the mast is stable at designed wind load conditions. The mast verticality has to be ensured by tightening the ropes and adjusting the Rope tighteners and verifying with the spirit level supplied.

We have designed and supplied Push Fit Masts to various customers as per their specific requirements and applications. We can offer customized Push Fit Masts ranging from 3 to 30 Mtrs of extended height.

Push fit mast