Steel Rolling Mill

Kadevi has installed a fully automatic steel rolling mill capable of producing 60,000 Metric Tons of structural steel Angles from 40 x 40 x 4mm to 150 x 150 x 16mm size

The rolling mill consists of the following equipment:

  1. 20mts X 3.4 double zone pusher type Reheating Oil Fired Furnace.
  2. 18 Inches Mill Stand attached with totally automatic conveyor.
  3. Online Hot Saw machine.
  4. Cooling Bed size 27mtsX9mts with automatic conveyors.
  5. 3Nos. heavy duty straightening machines.
  6. In house workshop equipped with full scaled machinery for rolls tooling.
  7. Completely Integrated with 3 EOT Cranes, 3 Mobile Cranes, suspended weighing machine and in-house Weighbridge.


Kadevi is equipped with the following testing facilities:
  1. Latest emission spectrometer for instant and accurate chemical analysis of metal.
  2. Physical testing facilities like ultimate tensile test, bend test, hardness test and impact test at lab.
  3. Other measuring instrument, gauges etc. to confirm to specification & drawings.
steel rolling equipment steel rolling equipment

Kadevi is certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) for the steel structures manufactured in the rolling mill for confirmation to the relevant Indian Standards IS2062.

Kadevi has been adopting ISO 9001 Quality Management System during manufacture of structural steel angles/channels at different stages:

  1. Inward inspection of raw material,
  2. In-process inspection,
  3. Final inspection.

The manufacturing process briefly consists of:

  1. Billet cutting to suitable length by gas.
  2. Billet reheating in the furnace.
  3. Billet rolling through 6 stands.
  4. Cutting the rolled angles / channels by hot saw machine.
  5. Air cooling of rolled angles / channels on cooling bed.
  6. Straightening of angles on the straightening machine.
  7. Packing the material in suitable bundles of 250 / 500 KG.

Kadevi has manufactured and supplied about 1lakh tons of steel structures (angles & channels) in the past 3 years to telecom and power transmission segments our customers have expressed satisfaction about our products quality, delivery and price.

Steel rolling mill