Hot Dip Galvanising Plant

Kadevi has a 32,291 Sft. Galvanising Plant accommodating 2 galvanising lines with a capacity of 60000 TPA. Pickling Tanks
Heating Bed Galvanising Kettle

Process Chart

Testing Facilities

Facilities for carrying out Chemical, Physical Testing & Galvanising Testing are available in our laboratory.

Tests are carried out in accordance with IS 2062-99, 2633-1986 & 6745-72

  1. Spectometer
  2. Ultimate Tensile Machine
  3. Hardness Tester
  4. Elcometer Test
  5. Pierce Test
  6. Strip Test
  7. Knife Edge Test
  8. Pivot Hammer Test

Prior to Despatch, final pre-despatch testing of all products is ensured for 100% fitment, strength and durability of zinc coating.