Steel Rolling Mill

Kadevi has setup an automatic rolling mill for medium & heavy structurals with an annual capacity of 72,000 Metric Tons in December 2009. Though conceived as a backward integration of the Telecom Towers Division, the steel rolling mill has emerged as a leading merchant rolling mill due to the high quality of its products. More than 40 dealers are selling its products. Presently the division is focusing on corporate sales.

Billet Cutting
Billet Cutting:
We receive billets in 6 mts & 12 mts lengths from which we cut the billet to predetermine size to get correct length & dimension of the structure.
Billet Re-heating:
The Billet is fed into reheating furnace till it obtains the job temperature of 1050°C. After obtaining the temperature The billet is ejected out to the conveyor to pass through mill stands.
Billet Rolling: The Hot billet is fed into the rolling process, in which billet is passed through the rollers clamped to the Six Stands to get the predetermined size. Online Hot-Saw Machine: Our Online Hot-Saw is to cut every section to the precised size as well as to trim front & Rear End of the structure.

Straightening Machine straightens all the deformed products like Angles Channels & I-Beams after cooling.

UT Machine:

Our strong focus on manufacturing process and quality assurance enables us to supply high quality material and deliver cost effective solution. Our manufacturing practice has been technology driven and to stay at the fore front of innovation, we continuously invest in Research and Development. Our quality management system ensures high level of quality by inspection of incoming material and mandatory quality checks at every stage throughout the manufacturing process. Our highly equipped quality and testing facility enables us to deliver superior quality products conforming to Indian/International standards and achieve total customer satisfaction.