Telescopic Guyed Masts

Over the last 25 years, we have pioneered the art of making all types of Pneumatic & Electro Mechanical, Telescopic Masts and Guyed Towers to cater for the Vital and Mission critical Integral and Tactical Communication needs of Indian Armed Forces and other establishments.

Over 20,000 Pneumatic Telescopic Masts have been supplied to Armed Forces and other users to meet their Critical Communication and Tactical Communication Needs Our intensive in-house design and strong focus on manufacturing process and quality systems, enables us to supply high quality products and deliver cost effective timely solutions. We also Provide customer specific solutions.

We have been approved by DIRECTOR GENERAL OF QUALITY ASSURANCE (DGQA) for supply of Masts to Indian Army meeting stringent standards.

Telescopic and Guyed Masts division of Kadevi has several innovative products such as:

  1. Pneumatic Telescopic Masts
  2. Electro Mechanical Masts
  3. Push Fit Mast
  4. Guyed Masts / Towers
  5. Rope Drive Masts
  6. Counterpoise Earth Systems
  7. Cell on Wheels (COW)
  8. Ground Rapid Deployment Systems

Kadevi's pneumatic telescopic mast is highly versatile and easy to use. It can be deployed for short or extended periods of time for fixed and mobile radio communication, surveillance, elevated testing and mobile radar applications. The heat-treated high tensile strength aluminum alloy sections of the mast are easily erected using a foot pump or air compressor, and the collars are locked using easy-functioning Allen keys.

Our push fit mast is constructed of heat-treated aluminum alloy sections that allow easy alignment and assembly. It can be customized according to a client's requirements ranging from 3m to 30m in height, and is held upright using guy ropes and guy stakes.

Constructed using either triangular or square designs, Our guy mast is a lightweight, cost-effective communication solution. Each guy mast is made into separate segments to allow ease of transportation and assembly, and is bolted down using a combination of steel ropes, welded bracing and vertical pumps that enables the mast to withstand wind loads of 200kmph. Our design team can also customize the guy mast according to a client's height and design requirements.

Kadevi's revolutionary screw-drive electro-mechanical telescopic mast is manufactured using high-strength aluminum alloy sections, enabling it to be used as an internal or external mounting on a vehicle as well as in harsh environmental conditions. The mast's electric motor and screw rod construction allows the user to smoothly adjust the height depending on their requirements, and it can be operated remotely.